A Highly Skilled Team

The Digital Machine team includes skilled machinists, CNC operators, materials management experts and quality assurance technicians, as well as knowledgeable customer service representatives. From management to production, our entire staff is actively involved in each job. We work hard to maintain an efficient operation and provide impeccable service. The Digital Machine workforce has both the ability and the passion to achieve exceptional quality in everything we do.

Our team leaders include:

Greg Schmitt - Owner

A co-founder and co-owner of Digital Machine Company, Greg handles all sales, estimating and management of operations. Before starting the company, Greg had a decade of experience as a purchasing manager for a process control instrument manufacturer. He is a veteran of the U. S. Army Reserve.

Mark Dickson - Owner

Mark is a co-founder and co-owner of Digital Machine Company. He provides oversight for the work of plant foremen, manages quality assurance and scheduling and is responsible for overall plant operations. Mark worked for 10 years as a machine shop foreman prior to establishing Digital Machine.

Jeff Taylor - Plant Manager

Jeff has served as the Digital Machine Company plant manager since 1998. In his position, he assures that specific customer needs are met, including processing orders, purchasing raw materials, daily scheduling and management of outside processing. Prior to joining Digital Machine, Jeff had 18 years experience as a mechanical buyer for a level measurement controls manufacturer.